nonprofit report

Mission-centered report designed to expand grassroots impact

for PowerSwitch Action (formerly Partnership for Working Families)


  • Design needed to bridge the gap between the old brand and new, still being developed, brand
  • Design had to highlight both the problem of corporate political action and the grassroots movements to combat it

Services: Creative Strategy, Design, Social Media Graphics

PowerSwitch Action is a national coalition of 21 left-of-center nonprofits across 14 states. They work with local governments and like-minded organizations to support policies that redistribute wealth and treat workers fairly.
partnership for working families
The Opportunity
Corporations are creating smokescreens to disguise their actions that hurt democracy and families. PowerSwitch Action needed a report that focused on these corporations, as well as highlighted grassroots actions taking place to stop.


At our kickoff meeting, we discussed their brand and audience, as well as what success would look like. The report needed to highlight the grassroots organizations fighting the corporations’ political activity. We decided that the report should act as a tool and resource. Helping their partner organizations as well as tell their story. In addition, PowerSwitch Action was in the process of a rebrand and the final report needed to connect the old brand to the new brand.

nonprofit report design
nonprofit report design spread
The Impact
The report’s design is inspired by the new brand personality: Strong, Inviting, and Wise Organizers. Grassroots action became the inspiration for the cover and was carried out through the report through color, photography, and infographics. In addition to the report design, I also designed social media posts to promote the report in an engaging manner.
powerswitch report design

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