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Social Entrepreneurship

I’ve quit my full-time job to start my own design consultancy specializing in branding and campaigns for mission driven organizations. I feel like so much has happened in the last month, but at the same time I’m not that much farther along in my business. I settled on a name and have been listening to podcasts and reading about legal stuff, business, creativity, etc. 

My big business moves so far to date:

  • set up my LLC with DC gov’t
  • got a twitter account
  • bought Adobe CC
  • started a business model canvas
  • went to a few networking events

There’s still a ton to do.

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Your business is your life

Social Entrepreneurship

I’ve read and listened to a few things recently that keep saying the same thing. Who you are in life is who you are in business, and the way to be successful is to be true and authentic. That means showing your personal tastes, interests and experiences and weave them into your business.

This is challenging for me as an introvert, but something I want to work at.

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On Day 1

Social Entrepreneurship

I’m slowing thinking and reading and listening more about being self employed. I discovered the Being Boss podcast. They had a great idea about making a list of 200 people/orgs that I want to work for/with and track them on a spread sheet. Then I can see how I engaging and what the results are. I’m also brainstorming possible names and talking to some potential clients. There is so much to do. Can’t wait!

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How much do you charge?

Social Entrepreneurship

I came across something on facebook which lead me to this rate page for a copywriter and his blog post about it. It’s so refreshing to see transparency around rates and I’m sure his clients appreciate it as well. Definitely something to consider for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a design agency or freelancer post their rates.

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