Design tips and insights for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Is your homepage getting in the way of raising money for the impact you desire?
I have something that will help you focus your fundraising and tell your story that is easy to digest and attractive for potential donors.

Here is my 35-Point Fundraising Splash Page Checklist

This checklist has everything you need to know about creating a page dedicated to raising money.

You’ll get:

  • Clear direction about what to put where — from header to footer
  • SEO tips
  • Branding pointers
  • Advice on Forms that make people click DONATE

Is your call for donations working as efficiently as it can be?

Do you have a place dedicated to showing your impact and is easy for the reader to give you money?

And no, I’m not talking about adding a DONATE button to every page. Although that wouldn’t hurt.

My hope is that you find this useful and informative. And that you’re able to increase the good work you do. And if you have any feedback — positive or negative — please let me know.

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