Design tips and insights for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Your in-house designer is great, but what if you could have a design consultant to really help your organization be more effective and forward-thinking. With an in-house designer, you’re already ahead of the game. They are great at helping plan and create the graphics and materials you’ll need, but are often times bogged down producing and can’t stop to think about the big picture, or help with strategy. That’s where a design consultant can help by looking at both the macro and micro, as well provide your designer with tools to make their job easier.

A design consultant is your creative director when you need one, and can help you with:

  • assist with implementation
  • provide recommendations
  • diagnosis the problem
  • provide solutions

As well as:

  • make your organization more efficient and effective be providing you with systems and strategies
  • build consensus by working with your stakeholders and getting them all on the same page

How do you strengthen your in-house designer’s role?