Your nonprofit is challenging the status quo and changing lives.

Let’s get you design that is strategic, on-brand, and engages your supporters to take action.

Meet Rebecca Perez, your nonprofit’s go-to design and marketing partner

My mission is to help nonprofits use design to stand out, be memorable, and speak directly to your audience—so you can make even more impact.

What a difference that would make in your daily to-do list, on your team’s capacity, on your mission.

rebecca perez

How it started:

My belief that positive social impact is possible comes from watching my mother volunteer her time to help others. Whether it was an elderly neighbor or a confused teenager, she was always ready to help.

When I began my design career years later I was able to work with many different types of clients and projects. But the most satisfying projects were when I helped with a social issue. Although I was able to squeeze in nonprofit work between big corporate ones, it was starting to feel like not enough. The pull to combine design and social change kept getting bigger and bigger.

That’s when I envisioned Studio Civico, a design business that specialized in nonprofits. Over the years I have seen how nonprofits were using — and not using — their marketing.


Time and again I see nonprofits of all sizes use design like a “bargain bin” tote bag. Instead of a creative system that could help them gain supporters, funds, and a voice in a crowded industry.

I know what a difference strategic and swoon-worthy design can make for nonprofits.


  • your team having the creative assets in place to get the job done.
  • having more time to think and plan strategically.
  • those big hairy goals within reach.

Even more impact is possible when your design stops people in their tracks and is memorable.

rebecca perez

About Rebecca:

Studio Civico is where Rebecca Perez collaborates with nonprofits to create marketing and communications gems that get people noticing and taking action.

Rebecca spends most of her days working closely with marketing and programming directors to design collateral that reaches new audiences, tells their story, and drives change. She is passionate about how design can provide a one-of-a-kind perspective on complex social problems, help us feel more connected, and bring about positive change in the world.

After a 15+ year career in magazine design in New York City and marketing in Washington DC, Rebecca opened her studio in 2015. Nonprofits will not only get swoon-worthy design from working with her. But Rebecca’s unique perspective on strategy and storytelling will only elevate how nonprofits show up and tell their story of impact.

Read her archived blog on design tips for nonprofits.


“Studio Civico created two high-quality handbooks, which are also very popular and heavily used.”
“Rebecca is incredible at understanding our vision for projects, and understanding the subject matter well enough to produce a product that we have, without fail, been proud to display.”
“Studio Civico came highly recommended. Rebecca designed a gorgeous PPT presentation and 60+ page training guide that exceeded expectations. If you need a designer that works in partnership with content creators, look no further.”
“Even though we were in the middle of a rebrand when we started working with Rebecca, she was able to infuse elements of our new brand personality with aspects of our old brand in a way that felt true to who we are as an organization. The end result is bold, colorful and centered on the report’s theme and content. Her insight helped us create a report that we’re proud to share. And we excitedly worked with her to design promotional graphics as well.”

Nonprofits I've worked with:

   AARP Foundation Common Cause   Human Rights foundation Rights

CECP HealthySteps   PowerSwitch Action Zero To Three

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Helping nonprofit marketing and programming directors every day.